Launchpad 135’s art exhibition showcases client’s work

Nine Launchpad clients who are part of the art therapy group at Launchpad 135 have curated an art exhibition of their creations – which was held this week from 13 – 15 December at our work and life skills centre.

The exhibition boasts work from Tim B, Dennis, Stephen, Tim C, Cherise, Richard, Meeka, Kevin and Jamie – who also chose where and how to display the art in the main space at Launchpad 135 and built the exhibition, and gave tours to visitors throughout the event, explaining how each piece was created.

Under the title Breathe, the exhibition showcases mainly collages made by deconstructing magazines and forming new narratives through colour, shape, form and the juxtaposition of images. There are also pieces on display that use maps, paint and other materials to create abstract art. The Launchpad 135 art tutor, Phil Newcombe, said:

“So, what can happen with this simple idea of all starting with one magazine and a pair of scissors? Well, the answer is in front of your eyes. Witness the creativity from a group of artists who have each in their own way, explored drawing and painting, and ideas with such a commitment it’s quite overwhelming. The space is taken over by an injection of colour and energy.”

The group meet every week at the centre and under Phil’s guidance, explore art and technique and are able to creatively express themselves in a calming, therapeutic environment. Other sessions at Launchpad 135 include cooking, music, counselling, computer skills, gardening and yoga to help people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home learn new skills, build confidence and get back in to work.

Some of the exhibition’s visitor’s comments are as follows:

Thanks so much for having me – this was the highlight of my day! Seeing your work has brought up lots of different feelings and also lots of memories. It’s amazing what art can achieve and you should be so pleased with all that you’ve created.

Wonderful exhibition! The time, attention and detail evident in every piece is inspiring. It has inspired me to get out the paint and paper and see what I can achieve – thank you!

I really enjoyed seeing all the fantastic art work – thank you so much for sharing it all with us. You should all be very proud of your hard work and being brave enough to share it with everyone!

You can see the full gallery of art via our Facebook album.

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