Are you worried about a rough sleeper?

The Street Link logo - the app that can be used to report a person who is sleeping rough to the appropriate charity
If you are concerned for someone you think is sleeping rough, contact StreetLink – a website and mobile app developed by Homeless Link and St Mungo’s.

Worried about someone sleeping rough?

It’s always horrible to see someone sleeping rough. If you are worried about someone sleeping rough you can use StreetLink to connect people  with local services. 

We recommend against approaching someone you don’t know to talk to them about their situation. There is a chance that you unintentionally make things worse. Many homeless people have deep-rooted issues that require professional help.  The best way to get someone help is through Streetlink.

Follow the instructions on the Streetlink website or mobile app. Provide a location for the person sleeping rough and the time you saw them. You can also provide any other information you think might be helpful.

Your information will then be sent to St Mungo’s team, who will find the person and work with them to look at solutions help them end their rough sleeping.

You could also tell your family, friends and colleagues about Street Link – this is a great way to make a difference.

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