Causes of homelessness

It can be easy to judge and assume people become homeless simply because they have an addiction or have made a bad choice in life.

But it’s important to remember there is always a real person and a complicated story behind every case of homelessness.

Everyone’s story is different but it’s almost always the case that someone can be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to a number of complex personal and external factors.

For example, a Launchpad client suffered a prolonged period of clinical depression after losing his job, which prevented him from feeling able to find work or claim Universal Credit to pay his bills and rent. When he fell into arrears with his landlord, he was evicted and spent months staying on a few friends’ floors and sofas before coming to Launchpad’s drop-in service for help.

And it’s true that it can happen to anyone – all it can take is a run of bad luck, a few poor decisions or a change in circumstances to find yourself in a position where you’re unable to cover rent or mortgage payments. And if you don’t have a support network to help you get you back on your feet, homelessness can become a real risk.

bubble graphs of homelessnessThat is why Launchpad’s help is holistic – we create personalised support plans for our clients so together we can tackle whatever is holding them back and having an impact on their housing situation. Our work addresses issues such as mental health problems, substance misuse, mental wellbeing, socialisation, self-esteem, personal safety, budgeting capabilities and education, employment and training. We aim to tackle these issues, build our clients’ confidence and develop new skills so they can obtain and sustain more permanent housing, and live independently.