“There’s no worse time to be homeless than on Christmas day.”

With your support Launchpad, Reading’s homelessness charity, will ensure more people  like Stephen will be able to enjoy Christmas in their own homes next year.

What can you do?

Get help

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless, we can help you turn things around.


Your donations ensure we can continue preventing homelessness, providing homes and rebuilding lives.

Get involved

There’s a fundraising event to suit everyone, you taking part and raising awareness of the charity is what it is all about.
Meet Claire

Claire became homeless during the pandemic, having spiralled into class A drug addiction. She lived in the woods before Launchpad helped her rebuild her life.

Meet Hayley

After going through the emotional trauma of losing the right to care for her children, 33-year old mum of four Hayley became homeless.    

Meet Dean

After losing three jobs, struggling with his mental health, and caring for a friend withdrawing from drug addiction, Dean was on the brink of homelessness.