Preventing homelessness in Reading

Launchpad is Reading’s leading homelessness prevention charity, providing vital information and support for individuals, couples and families who don’t have a stable place to live or are at risk of losing their home.

With your support and generosity, we helped over 1,000 people in Reading to get back on their feet last year, a figure which more than tripled in just five years. 

How are we safely welcoming clients back into our building?
We have been working hard to ensure we can safely start to open the building to clients and people in need of support, ready for when lockdown started to ease. What are these changes and how have we adapted our services to keep clients, staff and our community safe?
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COVID-19 emergency appeal reaches £42,000
Back in April we launched our COVID-19 emergency appeal so we can continue delivering our vital support to extremely vulnerable people during the outbreak – and you have helped us smash our target and raise a magnificent £42,264!
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What can you do?

Get help

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless, we can help you turn things around.


Your donations ensure we can continue preventing homelessness, providing homes and rebuilding lives.

Get involved

There’s a fundraising event to suit everyone, you taking part and raising awareness of the charity is what it is all about.

Real stories

Sophie sitting in front of a brick wall looking forwards
Meet Sophie

Sophie* is in her early 20s. She and her two young children, age five and seven, moved in with her mum to care for her when she was dying of cancer.

Daniel sitting looking to the left
Meet Daniel

Daniel* is from a small family from a nice part of Reading. He has just one brother, and both his mum and dad were single children so he had no cousins, aunts or uncles. Daniel says he was always very detached from his mum and his dad was always distant from him, which has led to problems in later life.

Meet Sarah

Sarah* says she had a ‘normal’ upbringing (quickly adding ‘whatever normal is!’). She and her sister lived in a three bedroom house in Reading with her parents. She went to school and went on lovely family holidays.

CEO blog August

This month Ian talks about Ben – who turned his life around during lockdown – and recommends a documentary about Iraq, and a book set in America in the 1950s.