Homelessness is a complicated and often misunderstood issue.

It can happen to anyone, for any number of reasons and there is no single solution to the problem. There are also many types of homelessness – not just rough sleeping. Here we dispel some common myths about homelessness, and provide information about what to do when someone is rough sleeping or begging.

If you are worried about your housing situation, you can find information and support on our Do you need help? page.

homeless man sleeping on sofa

Types of homelessness

You are homeless if you don’t have a stable, safe, appropriate or clean place to live – but what are the different types of homelessness and what support is available?

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need help man in front of launchpad office

Do you need help?

If you don’t have a stable place to live or you are worried about losing your home, our drop-in service is here to help. We’ve also provided a list of other organisations that can offer support if you’re in crisis.

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man sitting and begging in street


Begging and rough sleeping aren’t necessarily the same, and the majority of people begging in Reading aren’t actually street homeless. 

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