Launchpad 135 holds summer art exhibition of client’s work

Launchpad 135 held it’s summer art exhibition this week – and displayed stunning pieces created by eight Launchpad clients, which included forms such as stone carving, collage and block printing.

The work in the exhibition, entitled It’s Only Words, was based on the theme of freedom of expression and meaning. The pieces were created in the art club and stone carving sessions held on a weekly basis at the work and life skills centre, which are run by art tutor, Phil and stone carving tutor, McAlistair. During these sessions, clients are able to communicate through creativity and enjoy the therapeutic aspects of art, as well as learn new skills and techniques, and socialise in a safe and welcoming environment.

At the exhibition, which was held on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June, the artists showed visitors around the displays and talked about their creations, while Anonymous Coffee served delicious hot drinks. The Mayor of Reading, Councillor Rachel Eden, visited on the opening day and spent time learning about the inspiration behind some of the pieces, and the techniques used.

Phil Newcombe, the art tutor at Launchpad 135, said: “The art club is small in number but big in creativity. The purpose of it is to have time and space to follow one’s own creative input. What is beginning to happen is a real sense of individuality in everyone’s approach. We started off quite simply. By using old printing block letters, we explored how these could be used in creative ways to think about language in its broadest sense. There were no rules. Instead, by exploring the potential of these objects, we can see in this exhibition how the participants played around with not only words but colour, abstraction, composition and meaning.

“From here everyone begins to move on from one thing to the next at their own pace and with their own interests. There is no ‘house style’. Creativity comes from within and through exploration. The art club is a space to come and have the opportunity to enjoy this creativity. One of the things we all say to each other is ‘There is no right or wrong’. This allows for a freedom which is the crux of all art making. The capability to see the good in the happy accidents. There are no name tags next to the work as this group work together and encourage each other’s creativity and warmth and compassion.”

To see more photos from the exhibition, visit our Facebook album.

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