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19-year-old Lainey was facing winter living on the streets in Reading but with Launchpad’s help, within just two weeks she had turned her life around.                                                     

After a relationship breakdown with her Mum, Lainey was asked to leave the family home during the pandemic and had been sofa-surfing for six months. On a cold afternoon in November 2020, having run out of places to stay and facing a night on the streets, Lainey reached out to Launchpad’s drop-in service for some urgent help.

Floating support officer Nikki set to work securing her a bed in emergency accommodation and Lainey was given a room in a local B&B so she had a safe place to shelter that night. Nikki and Launchpad’s solicitor, Vneeta, then focused on liaising with the council and other agencies to not only ensure Lainey could stay in the B&B for a few more days, but also source a suitable long-term home for her – a process which involves lots of paperwork.

Just one week after Lainey first made contact with Launchpad, she had viewed, accepted and moved into a room in an all-female private rented accommodation via Reading Borough Council and the Rent Guarantee Scheme and was starting to settle into her new home. Within two weeks, Nikki had referred Lainey in to Launchpad’s counselling service and she had her first session to begin addressing the issues that are holding her back. Lainey had also interviewed for and started a part-time job in retail.

Launchpad floating support officer, Nikki, said: “It’s important that we work quickly when a vulnerable person like Lainey is facing a night on the streets and it’s fantastic to see her in a warm, safe and clean home – something everyone should have access to, let alone at this time of year.

“Lainey’s future is looking bright – having employment and counselling at Launchpad in place, and so quickly, are really positive steps and will be key to Lainey rebuilding her life and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

“As her allocated support worker at Launchpad, I will continue supporting her to develop the confidence and skills to live independently, which will involve both emotional and practical support, such setting up and managing Universal Credit and household bills.”

* To help protect the privacy of those we help names have been changed

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