Our work

Anyone can find themselves being homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless

Sometimes all it can take are a few poor decisions, some bad luck or an unexpected change in circumstances. And a housing problem is not always easy to overcome – life can get complicated with things like addiction, debt and mental health problems. Which is why Launchpad exists. Whatever your situation – whether you’re worried about losing your home, staying with friends, sleeping in your car, squatting or in emergency or temporary accommodation – we can help you turn things around.

Our three key services

Launchpad’s holistic service works in three ways – we prevent homelessness, provide homes and rebuild lives.

Our services support individuals, couples and families in Reading who don’t have a stable place to live or are at risk of losing their home. With your support and generosity, we helped over 1,400 people in Reading to get back on their feet last year, a figure which more than tripled in just five years. To help us continue our vital work, you can make a one-off gift or set up a monthly donation.

Real stories

Meet some of our clients, read about their experiences of homelessness and discover how Launchpad has helped them.

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homelessness prevention man looking into camera and sitting

Preventing homelessness

Homelessness figures are rising year on year. Launchpad works in a number of ways to stop a housing problem becoming a crisis and prevent homelessness in Reading.

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providing homes woman and her child looking into camera

Providing homes

Launchpad aims to break the cycle of homelessness by providing both temporary and long-term homes for those who don’t have a clean, safe and stable place to live.

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