Launchpad has been delivering change in Reading since 1979, and with your support, we can ensure we’re still here in another 40 years, helping people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home.

The impact of a legacy gift

A gift in your Will could help us to provide more supported property to help more people in Reading who are homeless. Or we could invest in affordable move-on accommodation for people who are ready to live independently. Or to help more people in to work, education or training.

Frequently asked questions about legacy gifts

Are there any tax benefits to leaving a gift?

Inheritance tax is usually charged at 40% above an estate with a value of more than £325,000. Please check with your solicitor as this may vary depending on your situation.

There are two potential tax benefits to leaving Launchpad a gift in your will. Charitable gifts are exempt from inheritance tax, so including a charitable gift in your estate could reduce the amount of tax due from the estate.

There is a tax reduction for people who leave 10% or more of their estate to charity. This reduced rate is typically 36%, as opposed to 40%

Your solicitor or financial advisor can advise you on the specifics, or you can read more on the UK government website

What types of gift can you leave in our will?

The two most common types of legacy gifts are ‘Residuary Gifts’ and ‘Pecuniary Gifts’. These are outlined below. A solicitor will be able to give you a full overview of each and help you to make a choice about which is right for you.

What is a ‘Residuary’ gift?

This is a gift of some, or all of what is left of your estate after all other payments have been paid.

For example, you could choose to leave 20% of your estate to Launchpad, once all taxes and other payments have been made from your estate.

What is a ‘Pecuniary’ gift?

This is a gift of a specific amount of money, at whatever amount you choose. If you choose this type of gift, it’s worth considering linking it to inflation. Without this it could mean the true value of this gift could become less than you intended. Alternatively, you can choose to leave a specific item, such as property, antiques, shares or jewellery.

How to leave a gift to Launchpad in your Will

Here is an example of what you could add to your Will. Your solicitor will recommend any appropriate changes.

“I leave an X% share of my residuary estate for Launchpad Reading, absolutely for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer for the time being shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors”.

Please ensure you include the following details

Charity name: Launchpad
Registered address: The Stables,1A Merchants Place, Reading, RG1 1DT
Registered charity number:279859

Remember a loved one

A gift in the memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to continue their story whilst helping to shape the future of some of Reading’s most vulnerable residents. There are different ways you can do this, and we hope this information will make it as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions, please call the Launchpad team on 0118 950 7656 (press 5) or email
Signing a will, leaving an in memory gift

Ways you can remember a loved one

Start an online tribute fund

An online tribute fund lets you create a dedicated page to share with your friends and family, which you can fill with memories and photos. 

People will also be able to donate to Launchpad in your loved-one’s memory, and we will be able to track all donations made. 

Follow this link to find out more.


Organise a funeral collection

If you’d like to set up a funeral collection in memory of your loved one, we can send you donation envelopes. Please call or email the team on 0118 950 7656 (press 5) Or email

Alternatively, you can ask your funeral director to collect donations and they will post them to us.