Whether you’re looking for a personal challenge, want to do something as a team or fancy planning an event – there are plenty of ways to raise funds for Launchpad! And our shiny fundraising pack provides everything you need to make your fundraising a great success.

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Who will you be supporting?

Sophie sitting in front of a brick wall looking forwards
Meet Sophie

Sophie* is in her early 20s. She and her two young children, age five and seven, moved in with her mum to care for her when she was dying of cancer.

Daniel sitting looking to the left
Meet Daniel

Daniel* is from a small family from a nice part of Reading. He has just one brother, and both his mum and dad were single children so he had no cousins, aunts or uncles. Daniel says he was always very detached from his mum and his dad was always distant from him, which has led to problems in later life.

Sarah sitting looking forwards
Meet Sarah

Sarah* says she had a ‘normal’ upbringing (quickly adding ‘whatever normal is!’). She and her sister lived in a three bedroom house in Reading with her parents. She went to school and went on lovely family holidays.

Our fundraising team are always on hand to offer information and support, and will be with you every step of the way. Get in touch to ask questions about fundraising ideas, ways to pay money in or simply let them know your plans!

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